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A U D I O   S E R V I C  E S

Enhance Your Sound

After taking several years to study and master in music production and audio engineering in music, TV, and post-production, I can augment your audio vision to professional benchmarks compatible with the industry standards.

M Y   S E R V I C E S

Mixing &

I meticulously fine-tune the mix and master to your preferences, offering customers three complimentary revisions per song. This approach enables me to synchronize the composition with the conveyed emotion, message, and overall vision. I devote ample time to meticulously craft audio intricacies, ensuring the mix adheres to industry standards for streaming and various other music platforms.


I meticulously review the tracks to ensure meticulous and professional completion of all editing processes. This involves ensuring the refinement and arrangement of recorded tracks are executed with precision and clarity. Additionally, I adeptly record foley and sound effects to elevate the project's overall quality and align with the envisioned narrative. Furthermore, I possess the capability to compose and craft musical scores that harmonize seamlessly with your intended message and emotive content. This empowers me to encapsulate and enhance the desired emotional resonance you seek to convey.

Music Production

I possess the capacity to generate diverse genres of music tailored to your specific requirements, whether intended as a supporting accompaniment, a vocal-driven composition, or as atmospheric background music. My approach ensures seamless alignment with your distinct style, artistic vision, underlying message, and evoked emotion. With an array of synthesizers and instruments at my disposal, I adeptly craft musical pieces adaptable for any intended purpose. My meticulous process encompasses a comprehensive consideration of your preferred musical style, meticulously curating compositions that echo your desired artistic output. This method ensures a professionally structured arrangement that impeccably captures and realizes your creative aspirations.

Note: All these services include 3 free revisions. All the provided songs are only demos for demonstration purposes. 

For pricing contact me following the contact page.


My name is Mateo Munevar

From the moment music resonated in my soul, I embarked on an exhilarating journey that led me to become an audio engineer, music producer, and visionary artist. A trailblazer with an insatiable passion for perfection, I honed my expertise at the prestigious Full Sail University, where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Music Production and Engineering. But my pursuit of sonic mastery didn't stop there – I ventured further, mastering the realm of Audio Engineering at Berklee College of Music.

For a decade, I've passionately poured my heart into sculpting soundscapes that defy imagination. With unwavering dedication, I've refined every note, rhythm, and chord to meet the lofty standards of the industry's finest. My journey has been enriched by invaluable collaborations with luminaries like Zyranox, Yorghaki, Maria Habbouche, and a symphony of other exceptional talents.

Crafting the Extraordinary: Through relentless practice and ceaseless creativity, I've metamorphosed into a true sonic artisan. The world is my canvas, and every track is a masterpiece painted with precision.

Unveiling Unheard Dimensions: My music production prowess transcends the ordinary, opening portals to new sonic dimensions that captivate hearts and electrify souls.

Melodic Odyssey: Collaborating with acclaimed labels like Melodicity Records and Dachance Music, I've etched my signature into the annals of music history, igniting dance floors and headphones alike.

A Global Symphony: From transcending cultures to shaping emotions, my music knows no boundaries. It's a universal language that whispers to hearts across the globe.

The Stage Awaits: My sonic creations have graced illustrious stages and platforms, resonating with audiences far and wide. From whispered melodies to thundering crescendos, my music tells stories that ignite the senses.

Join the Journey: Embark on an auditory voyage through my meticulously curated universe, where sound is the brush and emotion is the canvas. Experience the evolution of a sonic virtuoso who has carved his mark in time, space, and music history.

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